Mints And Wisdom
Days In Poland
Old Town, Warsaw, #Poland

Old Town, Warsaw, #Poland

Old Town, Warsaw #Poland beautiful town x

Old Town, Warsaw #Poland beautiful town x

Reminder No. 1

I should dance more often

Flirt more

Kiss more


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To still be sitting

Past the hot white light

Through the bright red shame

The tsunami wave

Through to politeness

Bobbing along

Clinging onto the sides

Looking for the horizon

Smiling frightened

To live another day


© Mints and wisdom 2014

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The Brush

There is a considerable amount of pressure where I work at the moment but I don’t know if there is anything more annoying that the ‘brush off’.

The classic ‘brush off’ where you discuss with someone what needs to be done; they agree to do it just to get you off their back.

Then they walk away and file whatever they agreed to do at the very bottom of the pile, back of their…

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#PrudentialRideLondon 6am start but worth it! An amazing day of cycling! #saddlesore

#PrudentialRideLondon 6am start but worth it! An amazing day of cycling! #saddlesore

Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle
Camp Bestival Cock Ups 2014

Camp Bestival Cock Ups 2014



What the hell was that!

When we arrived on Thursday there was no bus on from Wareham station but that was no problem as we jumped into a cab that we shared with others. Unfortunately the Camp Bestival staff were not letting the taxi’s round to the yellow car park so despite my bad foot I had to drag my cases and kit all across the festival to the tangerine field area at the…

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It’s true

I’m foolishly excited

Stupidly so

Firstly; I only have to work two days this week.

Secondly; Camp Bestival on Thursday!

Lastly because I get to spend time with my lovely friends.

New friends like H & J.

Friends like Chez and Nut (and his mini nuts)

And  my childhood friend, who I only really get to spend a good amount of time with at Camp Bestival as we live in different countries, Mrs…

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